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[2015 Prague photos]


[Spring] In Hong Kong with Kam-Ming Wan and Fred Luk. More Hong Kong photos.

[Spring] In Hong Kong looking back at Aberdeen.

[Spring] Eating ribs with Max Stinchcombe at the Truman Bewley Conference in Austin.


[Spring] Making a point during my installation ceremony. More installation photos.


[Spring] On a ferry in Bavaria.


[Winter] Three rascals: with Lawrence Rose and Keith Serxner.

graduation Spring 2005
[Fall] Barking names at the UCLA Graduation

[Fall 2003]

Economist asleep at the wheel.

The "official" picture.

First Year Celebration at Nizam [Winter 2003]

Nizam looking left. First years and faculty do mix.

Nizam looking right.

Paolo - intense as always, plus half of Burcu.

The photographer Flavia is on the left. Iliana, our Uruguan representative, on the right.

Tourism, Public lecture at Chinese U,  yet more pictures...

Felipe Zurita, me, Gerardo Licandro and Maury Obstfeld demonstrate to the Central Bank how to celebrate a soccer victory in Montevideo. [Summer 2001]

with Jose in Madrid

With Jose and Elie Wynne in Madrid. [Summer 2004]

With Felipe Zurita at the Latin American Meetings in Santiago Chile.[Summer 2004]

Some shots of coauthors

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Michele Boldrin preparing to debate whether lions really eat gazelles. [Winter 2000]

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Jack Hirsheifer thinking deeply about whether lions really eat gazelles. [UCLA, Winter 2000]

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Tom Palfrey giving instructions on how to use the Hacker Lab. [Caltech Spring 1999]

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Tim Kehoe in some kind of native garb in Alicante.

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Tim and Michele having difficulty solving a problem. [Vigo, Summer 1999]

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Michele and David after solving a difficult problem. [Vigo, Summer 1998]

Proof that students and faculty do mix

[UCLA, Winter 2000]

pictures of David

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Giving instruction to Michele Boldrin and Jack Hirshleifer. [UCLA, Winter 2000]

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With considerably longer hair. [Vigo, Summer 1998]

pictures of Colleagues

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Ayse Imrohoroglu and Gary Hansen in deep thought. [Winter 2000]

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Costas Azariadis in deep thought. [UCLA, Winter 2000]

Images of Students

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Jose Wynne not in deep thought. [UCLA, Winter 2000]

Yet more pictures...