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Respond to the question: is game theory perfect?

09/04/2001 10:41 AM by Santosh; Re: Is Game theory Perfect
No, there is nothing called absolute "perfect" in this world. Anyway I beleive in bounded rationality and heuristcis and inductive reasoning in decision making.
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07/20/2001 12:03 PM by David Rahman; It is and it isn't
(I'm not a professor either) If anything, I would say that game theory is sequential---both in a strategic and an epistemic sense. I buy into sequential rationality in a strategic sense because, as opposed to subgame prefection, sequentiality deals with the idea of backward induction. Epistemically, I buy into it too, by interpreting sequential rationality as node rationality. Although this is not always consistent with backward induction, recent work suggests that the idea of perfection lacks mainly caveats, but perhaps little else. [Manage messages]

07/09/2001 11:59 AM by j hendler; perfection
I am not perfect, therefore game theory is not perfect - I also i am not the professor. Therefore does this mean I can not tell you? [View full text and thread]

04/20/2001 06:51 AM by viswanathan; is game theory perfect?
Dear professor, I have a simple question, "Do you think game theory is perfect?" thank you. [View full text and thread]