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Respond to the question: is game theory perfect?

09/04/2001 10:41 AM by Santosh; Re: Is Game theory Perfect
No, there is nothing called absolute "perfect" in this world. Anyway I beleive in bounded rationality and heuristcis and inductive reasoning in decision making.
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07/20/2001 12:03 PM by David Rahman; It is and it isn't
(I'm not a professor either) If anything, I would say that game theory is sequential---both in a strategic and an epistemic sense. I buy into sequential rationality in a strategic sense because, as opposed to subgame prefection, [View full text and thread]

07/09/2001 11:59 AM by j hendler; perfection
I am not perfect, therefore game theory is not perfect - I also i am not the professor. Therefore does this mean I can not tell you? [Manage messages]

04/20/2001 06:51 AM by viswanathan; is game theory perfect?
Dear professor, I have a simple question, "Do you think game theory is perfect?" thank you. [View full text and thread]