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07/08/2015 05:47 AM by name withheld; ads
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07/08/2015 05:46 AM by name withheld; ads
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05/10/2001 11:47 AM by Pedro Dal Bó; Cournot vs. Nash
The idea of Nash equilibrium was know to economists before Nash. Good examples are Cournot, Bertrand and Hotelling models. They provided the intuition and the mathematics for it. Unfortunatelly, most of the researchers on game theory in the first half of the 20th century were not aware of these models or they did not realize their importance. As some people say, it is not important to be the first person to discover something, it is important to be the last one. Nash introduced to mathematicians a concept known to economists and proved (in a very elegant way that was later used in general equilibrium) its existance in any finite game (besides his important research in other issues on game theory) The impact of his research was huge. [Manage messages]

05/06/2001 11:18 PM by Rodrigo; Cournot and Nash
You'll find the meaning of Nash's contribution in Roger Myerson's paper "Nash Equilibrium and the History of Economic Theory", Journal of Economic Literature, 37(3), September 1999, pages 1067-82. I also suggest the wonderful book "A [View full text and thread]

05/05/2001 09:23 AM by rudy;
I think Cournot did not realized with the methodology of his work. That's right Cournot is the founder of oligopoly theory, but he did not give contribution (or just accidentally) to the game theory. [View full text and thread]

05/04/2001 07:47 PM by Jean Lanud; Cournot and Nash
In 1838, Cournot developed game models of oligopolistic competition, which he analysed by the methodology of Nash equilibrium. And he was writing more than a century before Nash. I think (it is just my opinion) John Nash did not find [View full text and thread]