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05/02/2001 11:05 AM by Pedro Dal Bó; Game theory and Economic Theory
In addition to the good references provided by Rodrigo I would like to suggest Myerson's paper on the impact of J. Nash's works on Economic theory: "Nash Equilibrium and the History of Economic Theory": Journal of Economic Literature;
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04/30/2001 03:57 PM by Rodrigo; Game theory and economics
Hi, Celestine, there is a nice survey about it with lots of references. It's old, but contains the most important contributions up to the time it was written:
Economics and the Theory of Games: A Survey
Andrew Schotter, Gerhard Schwodiauer
Journal of Economic Literature, Vol. 18, No. 2. (Jun., 1980), pp. 479-527.
For game theory and economic history, see:

Economic History and Game Theory: a Survey
Avner Greif
Handbook of Game Theory. Vol. III. Edited by Robert J. Aumann and Sergiu Hart. North Holland: Amsterdam. You may probably download it from

For game theory and industrial organization, try to download the paper "Game Theory and Industrial Organization" by KYLE BAGWELL (Columbia University) and ASHER WOLINSKY (Northwestern University) (April 3, 2000) from:

For experimental economics:
"The Early Development of Experimental Economics: The Influence of Game Theory"
ALESSANDRO INNOCENTI (Universita di Siena) (April 2000) Working Paper No. 287. Maybe you can download it from:

You'll find nice surveys about auction theory and game theory and economics on Professor paul Klemperer's webpage at:

Good luck

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04/30/2001 09:01 AM by celestine; references
Could you tell me, what the good references (books or journals) to find the contribution of game theory to understand economics? thank you so much. [View full text and thread]