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05/02/2001 11:05 AM by Pedro Dal Bó; Game theory and Economic Theory
In addition to the good references provided by Rodrigo I would like to suggest Myerson's paper on the impact of J. Nash's works on Economic theory: "Nash Equilibrium and the History of Economic Theory": Journal of Economic Literature;
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04/30/2001 03:57 PM by Rodrigo; Game theory and economics
Hi, Celestine, there is a nice survey about it with lots of references. It's old, but contains the most important contributions up to the time it was written: Economics and the Theory of Games: A Survey Andrew Schotter, Gerhard [View full text and thread]

04/30/2001 09:01 AM by celestine; references
Could you tell me, what the good references (books or journals) to find the contribution of game theory to understand economics?
thank you so much. [Manage messages]