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02/20/2001 09:08 AM by Brandon; Bundling
Thanks Rodrigo. I can't find the book in my school library but I'll try my luck at the other libraries. Thanks! [Manage messages]

02/18/2001 11:20 PM by Rodrigo; Monopolistic pricing practices
Hi, Brandon, in the book "Topics on Microeconomics: Industrial Organization, Auctions, and Incentives" by E. WOLFSTETTER (Cambridge University Press, 1999), you'll find a whole chapter on monopoly. On page 49 of this book, he mentions [View full text and thread]

02/15/2001 05:36 AM by Brandon; Any problem set/questions on "product bundling"?
Hi! I was wondering if someone could refer me to perhaps, a website where I could get information and questions for practise, on commodity bundling. Thanks. I've seen Prof Levine's PDF files and problem set on Game theory but aren't [View full text and thread]