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02/20/2001 09:08 AM by Brandon; Bundling
Thanks Rodrigo. I can't find the book in my school library but I'll try my luck at the other libraries. Thanks!
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02/18/2001 11:20 PM by Rodrigo; Monopolistic pricing practices
Hi, Brandon, in the book "Topics on Microeconomics: Industrial Organization, Auctions, and Incentives" by E. WOLFSTETTER (Cambridge University Press, 1999), you'll find a whole chapter on monopoly. On page 49 of this book, he mentions [View full text and thread]

02/15/2001 05:36 AM by Brandon; Any problem set/questions on "product bundling"?
Hi! I was wondering if someone could refer me to perhaps, a website where I could get information and questions for practise, on commodity bundling. Thanks. I've seen Prof Levine's PDF files and problem set on Game theory but aren't able to find anything on bundling or other monopolistic pricing practices. [Manage messages]