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Bibliographical references can be accessed either by collections of readings (bibliographical view) or by author's last name (author view). References can be sorted by date received, first author's last name, or the year of the article. When you have selected the options you want from the drop down boxes, hit the view button to see the bibliography. The bibliographies are taken from my recent papers and books, reading lists for my courses and the archives of the Economic Theory Center. When available, references include links to the papers. Feel free to email me with corrections.


There is a small archive of research papers in electronic form that I have been sent or retrieved from other servers. They are all in PDF format. If you would like your paper removed or updated, email me. The archive is intended primarily for my private use and the use of my students, but you are welcome to browse the papers it contains. I have not screened them for correctness, nor do I guarantee you will find them interesting. Papers in the archive can be accessed using the PDF links in the bibliography, marked with Acrobat.gif (87 bytes). In some cases where published articles are available in JSTOR this link can be accessesed by clicking on the jstor.gif (3648 bytes) symbol.

ETC Working Papers

Many of the papers references are available to UCLA economics graduate students and faculty in the Economic Theory Center (ETC) files. Papers available in the files are marked by an image of a filing folder .