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01/27/2024 Levine, D. K. and C. Martinelli [2022]: "Razor-Thin Mass Elections with High Turnout," RHUL
12/04/2023 Levine, D. K. [2023]: "Efficiently Breaking the Folk Theorem by Reliably Communicating Long Term Commitments," RHUL
07/10/2023 Levine, D. K., S. Modica and A. Rustichini [2023]: "Cooperating Through Leaders," EUI
05/27/2023 Levine, D. K. and L. Ohanian [2023]: "When is Appeasement a Sign of Strength?," EUI
05/27/2023 Levine, D. K., S. Modica and J. Sun [2023]: "Twin Peaks: Expressive Externality in Group Participation," Journal of Public Economic Theory, 25: 897-929
03/15/2023 Fudenberg, D. and D. K. Levine [2023]: "Adjusting to Change in Complex Systems," Network Law Review
02/18/2023 Levine, D. K., A. Mattozzi and S. Modica [2023]: "The Tripartite Auction Folk Theorem," European Economic Review, forthcoming
02/15/2023 Corrao, R., D. Fudenberg and D. K. Levine [2023]: "On Concave Functions over Lotteries," Journal of Mathematical Economics, forthcoming
02/04/2023 Corrao, R., D. Fudenberg and D. K. Levine [2022]: "Adversarial forecasters, surprises and randomization," EUI
02/04/2023 Levine, D. K. and A. Mattozzi [2022]: "Polarization and Electoral Balance," EUI