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05/15/2007 06:19 PM by Alan; Impossible Strategies?
Does a complete enumeration of conceivable strategies for an sequential game technically include every combination of moves, even if a combination is impossible according to the rules? An example:

Player 1 can play Up or Down
If p1 chooses UP, player 2 plays either Left or Right.
If p1 chooses Down, the game ends.
If p2 chose Left, p1 plays Inside or Outside.
If p2 chose Right, the game ends.

How many strategies are there for p1?

Is "Down, if Left then Inside" a valid strategy under any definition? The professor said that even though Down supposedly ends the game, one still needs to list a strategy because of the trembling hand rule. It made no sense to me, but he claimed it's a standard interpretation of game theory. [Manage messages]