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01/25/2007 03:11 PM by Grant Rawlins, PhD; John Nash, winning by non-cooperation
I am a psychologist, and am not at all sophisicated in game theory. My understanding of non-cooperation in an organized endeavor aimed at a goal, is that if you are not a leader but want to win the leadership (not necessaiily to accomplish the goal), the best strategy is to criticize and sandbag the efforts of the leadership, so when they fail you can move to the top. I have two questiions:
-Is my summary essentially correct?
_If so, what is a winning counter-strategy? What can the leadership do to defeat the non-cooperator and accomplish the overall goal of the endeavor?
Grant C. Rawlins, PhD [Manage messages]

01/07/2007 02:57 PM by name withheld; IPD with incomplete information?
What is IPD? What is the context of incomplete informaion? No discounting (delta=1)? [View full text and thread]

01/04/2007 02:38 AM by Athina Tellidou; Cooperation in IPD with incomplete information
Hello! Happy new year! It's the first time I am posting. I'm interested in repeated prisoner's dilemma. Particularly, I'm studying the infinitely repeated (non-zero sum) games with incomplete information with no discounting. I have [View full text and thread]