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12/09/2006 09:25 AM by name withheld; Finding number of Pure Strategy Subgame Perfect NE
From the payoff matrix, we can find there exist two stage pure strategy NE. They are (T,L) and (M,C) with payoff (13,13) and (5,5) respectively. The stage game plays twice. Certainly, for any Subgame Perfect NE, at the last stage
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11/20/2006 11:41 PM by name withheld; Finding number of Subgame perfect Nash eq.
Consider the following stage game, which is to be played twice in succession (this is a repeated game with T=2.) How many pure strategy subgame perfect equilibria are there?

Normal Form:

Player 1 strategy set: {T, M, B}
Player 2 strategy set: {L, C, R}

Strategy profile + payoffs:

(T,L) = (13, 13)
(T,C) = (1, 10)
(T,R) = (5, 5)
(M,L) = (10, 1)
(M,C) = (3, 3)
(M,R) = (1, -10)
(B,L) = (5, 5)
(B,C) = (-10, 1)
(B,R) = (0,0) [Manage messages]