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06/19/2006 01:15 AM by name withheld; Dominant strategy?
Drawing payoff matrix for A and B, according to the definition of dominant strategy: one strategy is better than any other strategies for one player, no matter how that player's opponents may play, the dominant strategy for A is putting in effort; the dominant strategy for B is lazy. And the equilibrium strategy profile is: A puts in effort; B is lazy. The equilibrium result is: they both get C; A will get sad; B will be very happy. [Manage messages]

05/18/2005 10:07 PM by name withheld; dominant
excercise [View full text and thread]

05/15/2005 06:38 AM by Monica; Dominant strategy
Can someone explain to me what a dominant strategy is? A scenario: two students are doing an assignment together and both get the same grade regardless of effort. Difference between them: student A likes to get high marks, student B [View full text and thread]