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04/24/2003 01:10 PM by T. Klugh; Not just a prisoner's dilemma.
Each time I see the chart for a Prisoner's Dilemma game, I ask myself..." | SNITCH | STAND FIRM
who sets those values???" Really, where do they come from? Is the choice -----------------|------------|-------------------
of values arbitrary? My point is, it isn't and shouldn't be a higher value to SNITCH | PENALTY | PENALTY
snitch on one's partner, nor if both sides cave in. If both partners really -----------------|------------|------------------
know each other, it is very much possible that neither will snitch on the STAND FIRM |PENALTY | GO FREE
other AND (and here's the clincher) THEY WILL BOTH GET AWAY WITH -----------------|------------|------------------
WHATEVER THEY ARE ACCUSED!!!!!! Hence, here is another chart:
I believe my chart is just as valid as any of the arbitrary numbers I've
seen in any description of the Prisoner's Dilemma. [Manage messages]