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03/28/2018 09:36 PM by name withheld; Sequential games with imperfect info
Not sure why the image I uploaded didn't seem to appear.

game is described as such:

1 can play U, M or D.

In response each of 1's action, 2 can play u or d.

U,u - 6,8
U,d - 7,4
M,u - 9,5
M,d - 7,4
D,u - 4,6
D,d - 8,7

this is a sequential game where 2 cannot see what did 1 play (therefore the imperfect info). [Manage messages]

03/28/2018 09:29 PM by name withheld; Sequential games with imperfect info
Predict what the players would do in this game if Player 2 was in fact not in a position to observe Player 1ís choice between U, M and D My answer was that although player 2 wouldn't know what 1 would play, he would prepare a best [View full text and thread]