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01/29/2018 02:10 PM by name withheld; mexican standoff.
Rules. All players can walk, and run. walking is at a rate of 1 ft per .5 seconds, running at a rate of 3 ft per .5 seconds. No distinction between running facing backwards or forwards. All players are 3 ft apart with a 90% chance of hitting target at that distance. Percentage goes up when closer and lower when farther. It goes up and down at a rate of 10% per foot in both directions. Therefore, 3.5 ft away would be 94.5 chance of hitting, or half of 10% of 90, which is the percent at 3 ft of hitting. 4 would be 99, and so on. Lets assume while player a and b are stationary, player c begins walking backwards. After .25 seconds, what is player bs optimal option considering as and cs options. Who wins this game? Is there variance in the rate at which the winner will win, or could the best player still lose if even if they make the optimal decision. [Manage messages]

01/29/2018 02:08 PM by name withheld; mexican standoff.
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01/29/2018 01:57 PM by name withheld; mexican standoff.
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