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10/14/2017 08:47 AM by Elene Margalitadze; Nash Equilibrium
It is written that computing pure Nash equilibria in congestion games remains PLS-complete also when we restrict to affine delay functions. That is for dr(x) = arx + brx with, ar, br >= 0. Why is that? [Manage messages]

11/30/2004 02:58 PM by name withheld; Answer to Miguel, Nash Equilibrium
Sorry, but (Call, Not Call) and (Not Call, Call) are both NE in pure strategies, it is a special case of an anticoordination game. [View full text and thread]

11/01/2004 04:59 PM by Miguel; Nash Equilibrium
I have a problem and an incomplete answer to it. If there's anyone who can find a solution to it, please post it on the website. Here it is ďA boy was hit by a car and is lying on the road, hurt. The driver ran away and 5 people [View full text and thread]