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11/07/2016 12:40 PM by Adam; Risk dominance with >2 strategies
I know that for 2x2 games with two strict equilibrium strategies A and B, the risk-dominant equilibrium is the one with a higher product of deviation losses (i.e. what each player would lose by not playing the equilibrium if the other player is playing the equilibrium).

But suppose it's a 4x4 game with two strict equilibrium strategies A and B, and two other strategies C and D. C and D are best replies to each other, but they are not equilibria. Is the procedure for calculating risk dominance the same here (i.e. do we just ignore C and D since they're not equilibria, and check the product-of-deviation-losses for A and B)? Or is it different? What about if C and D are strictly dominated by A and B?

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