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Respond to the question: Septum piercing dangers pain and jewelr?

09/09/2016 05:11 PM by septum piercing; Septum piercing dangers, pain and jewelry.

Septum piercing

Why is it popular, who buys it and does it actually hurt? Read on.

Septum piercing pain and dangers

Is needs to be noted that septum piercing actually hurts and is not a trivial procedure. Most of the people, when getting ready for the surgery will like to know if septum piercing has any dangers. To answer quickly - yes, there are dangers. Read more about septum piercing dangers and septum piercing pain. If you experience any pain after the procedure it is advisable to visit your personal doctor. Does it hurt to get septum piercing - yes.

Septum piercing jewelry

Septum piercing jewelry is plenty and colorful. Many of the web stores will sell you septum piercing jewelry. Be careful when you buy it as it has to be clean and tested.
I am also a big enthusiast of the tattoos and piercings, hehe, you could say that I am one piercing master women, because I now have a third piercing, and the last one is in the nose. The first was in the eyebrows, but fell out because I'm a beautician (if you ever see on the road, it trashes Smiley) pierced with a lack of skin and eventually so thinned that it was better to take piercing out, otherwise they would remain ugly scar. Then the following was the lip, which was cool in their ful, since then, about 5, 6 years ago folk yet not so much piercing lips on that area. Well, I got a stitch and had to get out ... because I was too ... ammm ... how's boss expressed ... extravagant to guests. Bah, it was that every fifth piercan!
Well, anyway, some time after I was free, and then took me about two years gotten into you give piercat nose! And that's that. Piercing is a part of me, a crazy I look good and convenient piercing. I am not advocating piercings that are excessive, eg through the nasal cartilage or 6 piercings on faci. Bljek, somewhere rate.
Septum piercing is something I am seriously thinking about for quite some time. I agree that it is necessary to consider what you're going to put on the body, because the thief that accompanies forever. Unless you give remove, but this is a process that is time consuming and fucking painful. Tatu these sets. Speeches who you are and what you believe. I'm sorry, but what makes someone think when he sees her grandmother in the middle of the 70s with a tattoo ... So what, at least I lived as I wished. Everything we do we do in age, the consumption of bad foods, drinking alcohol and smoking ... People do it anyway. We are just destructive, hehe. Tatu is the smallest problem that we have over 50 years.
So to keep things natural and short the answer to the question about septum piercing dangers and pain is simple. Yes there is. Septum piercing will always hurt, but there's a chance that it will not hurt you. You need to test it on yourself. Septum piercing is something many young people consider nowadays. Do it if you feel like it. Also, with all septum piercing jewelry that is available on the internet you should be having second thoughts.
Additional information on septum piercing
Nasal septum perforation septal perforation In the nasal septal perforation communication between both nostrils it occurs due to loss of the nasal septum components (mucosa, cartilage and / or bone). The vast majority of the holes are asymptomatic, but in a lower percentage produce symptoms. The most common are crusting, nasal dryness, bleeding, wheezing discomfort in breathing or difficulty breathing. The most common causes are trauma either by previous surgeries (septoplasty, rhinoplasty and cauterizing the nose), nasal fracture with injury (hematoma) in the septum, snorting cocaine, foreign bodies inside the nose, tumors and inflammatory processes . septal perforation Those holes that produce no symptoms, can regularly monitored by the specialist, it is recommended to use humidifiers nasal and nasal creams to maintain good hygiene of the nose. Amenable to surgical treatment are those that are symptomatic perforations, which must be discussed with the patient.
Question: I would like to inquire about the effect of nasal septum perforation due to continued cocaine use. The question is whether degenerative or if instead, once drilled, drilling ceases if consumption stops. Also know which way affects the time to breathe properly. Answer: Septum perforation caused by cocaine abuse is a disease that matter. Cocaine is a product that causes a lack of microcirculation in the surface of the mucosa of the nose, causing loss of nutrition. This causes the lining of the nose and cartilage holding from within the profile of the nose is destroyed. On that necrosis, tissue destruction, chronic infection is added as the destroyed tissue has poor defenses and is easily infected by microorganisms in the nose. Chronic inflammation causes an increased obstruction of the nose, closing breathing and smell. So, what the patient inhaling cocaine that is sensitive have are two problems: one, the destruction of the internal tissue of the nose (especially the nasal septum, but may also be affected other tissues of the nose). The other problem is chronic inflammation caused by the added infection in that area. If the patient leaves cocaine a major problem is eliminated. Stop nasal tissue destroyed at least largely. It remains to eliminate chronic inflammation causing destruction of tissue and chronic infection. That is more difficult to cure. Not all cases evolve same. In some cases leaving cocaine inflammation is cured and the patient recovers nasal ventilation and smell, if I had lost. In these cases, there are only the consequences of destroyed tissue (for example, if the partition is too destroys the nose will sink in the middle, taking the shape of a saddle). The destroyed part is never regenerated, but not more injuries and destructions are added. Some cases are worse, very abandoned, and difficult to cure, because drugs against infection are not very effective and local priests, local medicines and, sometimes, general medicines are needed. And yet, you not always easily recover health and nasal tissues have suffered a lot and will take longer to recover partially provided, of course, that's not inhale cocaine. In short, if you leave the cocaine part of their injuries recover, at least partially. Others do not. If you continue using it will destroy the septum, the nose will sink and breathing and smell will be greatly affected. Avoid using drugs to open the graves and better breathing (vasoconstrictor) because it will worsen even more. Abandon cocaine or have serious problems with his nose. We have seen terrible destructions, inside the nose, caused by cocaine. Protect yourself against it. Leave it entirely. Sources:
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