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07/02/2016 05:08 AM by Caleb; Quick dice question
Hello! Newbie here with a quick one for ya..
In Yahtzee (or similar dice game), if a player rolls 6,6,6,5,5 *EARLY in the game*, is it optimal to play 3-of-a-kind for 28, or fullhouse for 25?
Ultimately, the simple objective is to gain the highest score possible (28 >25). However, the player is much less likely to roll a full house than a 3-of-a-kind. I suspect that how far along in the gameplay (number of rolls left) plus many other variables factor into this decision. So maybe just the answer to the optimal decision when facing this situation on the very FIRST roll of the game would be the best place to start?
Thanks so much for your consideration and any and all responses!!

Caleb [Manage messages]