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03/03/2015 01:18 PM by andrew; heart rates and zones
Heart rate and increased heart rate during exercise means your body adapt to stress and serve as an objective measure of effort in running exercise. If we are properly designed workouts, practice healthy while accompanied by our heartbeat, we need a heart rate monitor.

We do not need those most complex meters, it is enough to have the simplest one that provide us with all the necessary basic functions. To measure which are fat burning or weight loss heart rate zones you need to consult a professional.


Heart rate monitors are therefore not useful only for professional work, but they are also indispensable for daily recreation of Health and mandatory tool in the design and implementation of a more serious sports training. Only in this way can each is so trained athlete as well as for recreation, ensure yourself optimum intensity, especially safety training.

Measurement before exercise

It should be noted that the varying intensity of training is achieved can be very different results. It is important to know in what sense can see your training activity. Before you start planning exercise, it is important to know your maximum heart rate and resting heart rate.

Maximum heart rate:

Methods of measurement of maximum heart rate are very different. Measure them with the help of running, cycling and other tests, which can often be very difficult. Alternatively, the maximum heart rate also calculated. The most commonly used equation: max. heart rate = 220 - age (years).

Heart rate at rest:

Heart rate at rest is used as an indicator of physical fitness. In better shape than we are, the smaller the heart rate at rest. Well-trained heart muscle is the larger and more powerful, so it needs less beats per minute to ensure proper circulation of blood throughout the body. It is best that you measure the morning, before standing up.

Target heart rate zone

60 to 70 percent, in the area of ​​regulation of body weight for a good appearance
70 to 80 percent: aerobic zone to maintain a healthy heart
80 to 100 per cent, in the area of ​​sports training for top performance

Running for a good-looking

If your reason particularly good looks or regulation of body weight (weight loss) when you're running exercise should be carried out in the range of 60 to 70 percent of your maximum heart rate. This area is best for weight loss programs and maintain muscle tone. A characteristic of such exercise is lightness and high aerobnost (operation muscle in the presence of oxygen). Advances in your fitness is perceived gradually in a reliable and above all safe environment.

Running for a healthy heart

If your goal is to simply look good, even healthy heart, the load should be slightly higher, in the range of 70 to 80 percent of maximum heart rate. Even if your goals are occurring in recreational running events, you train mainly on the level of load. Such training is not every day, but only a few times a week (2- to 3-fold) and always for 'minor' days or rest days.

Running for sports and racing performances

If this is your main goal, you will be added to the training load at 80 to 100 percent of maximum heart rate. Of course, you are on your way to that level already achieved such a good physical appearance, as well as develop a healthy heart. The purpose of such training is to bring the body into a state of maximum readiness for racing performance.

We must be aware that such high intensity exercise for our heart is a big effort, often can also be dangerous, especially in the elderly and those with heart disease or vascular disease. So be careful! Such training should make use of only the most experienced and trained runners, beginners should practice in lower load zones. [Manage messages]