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Respond to the question: finding the proper heart rate zone?

03/03/2015 01:11 PM by tom; finding the proper heart rate zone

Determination of heart rate zones

Monitoring heart rate allows better planning of exercise and better effectiveness. Base plan your exercise intensity as your maximum heart rate (MHR), and the frequency at rest (RHR). You can see what you heart rate zone is using a static formula or you can use a fat burn or weight loss heart rate zones calculator. or you can navigate to this url and see which heart rate zones are suitable. MHR: maximum frequency can be fairly accurately calculated by a simple formula (220 -Your age = MHR) RHR: frkvenco at rest can be measured. We measure it after a few minutes rest (sitting, lying down). It is recommended that multiple measurement, RHR is expected to average measured frequency. The difference between MHR and RHR your frequency reserve (HRR). Training zone Exercise area is determined by taking into account the RHR and the added percentage of HRR. Aerobic Exercise Heart rate zone between RHR + 50-75% HRR. Example: age 40 years, MHR = 180 (220-40) RHR = 50 beats per minute HRR = 130 (50% = 65% 75 = 98) Calculate the area of ​​aerobic exercise: RHR (50) + 50% HRR (65) = 115 beats per minute RHR (50) + 75% HRR (98) = 148 beats per minute Area of ​​aerobic exercise a healthy 40-year-old is among 115 and 148 beats per minute. Anaerobic threshold Anaerobic threshold (AP) is the area between aerobic and anaerobic exercise. In aerobic exercise body benefits of oxygen (O2) and produce carbon dioxide (CO2). The lungs supply us with oxygen discharged CO2. Anaerobic processes are included when oxygen from the lungs does not provide enough energy for the desired physical activity. AP's physical activity levels when oxygen does not meet the required energy needs, so that the body requires extra energy that you get from glycogen stores in the muscles. A by-product of combustion of glycogen is lactic acid which causes muscle pain and spasms. heart rate zone between RHR + 80-85% HRR Example: age 40 years, MHR = 180 (220-40) RHR = 50 beats per minute HRR = 130 (80% = 104, 85% = 111) AP calculate the area: RHR (50) + 80% HRR (104) = 154 beats per minute RHR (50) + 85% HRR (111) = 161 beats per minute The area of ​​the anaerobic threshold of a healthy 40-year-old is among 154 and 161 beats per minute. The higher heart rate means that we practice in the anaerobic zone. TEST maximum heart rate Concept2 rowing simulator allows us to fairly easily perform the test of maximum heart rate. Implementation of the test is recommended after some preliminary training as a failure to control technique strokes prevents adequate functioning of muscle activation. Test program 8 min paddling with the intensity of RHR + 65-70% HRR, then every 60 seconds, increase the speed for 5 sec. / 500m (unit to monitor PM). When you can not promote, try to keep the current speed is 30-60 seconds. During exercise the highest measured heart rate as used in the calculation of the maximum. [Manage messages]