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11/05/2014 02:10 PM by name withheld; 1 busines 2 landlords... a real world problem I have
I am partner in a Acme inc 250K capital with my cousin. We do OK(?) thank god. Net profit for 2013 85K before tax. we rent two spaces, main space for 18K and B for 6K , we are and were taxed at 30%, landlord tax went from 10% to 20% in 2014 (for year 2013) .

(I can provide estimates for real estate value if needed)
is there an equilibrium in this deal for negotiating towards it?

what do you think for the ratio of our Real estate costs towards our net profit? what would be considered a dangerous maximum for our business health?

this is a real problem, the numbers are close but no quite the same to protect privacy.
i have good math background , but no economics. is there a category of this kind of problems in economics to look for?

My objective to figure out: what am i to expect for a rent raise?
assuming landlords have perfect knowledge of my business, and of each other.
A and B are cousins also (not ours! ).

we are operating in a small community, and difficult to find an trusting independent economic advisor [Manage messages]