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10/24/2014 05:40 AM by Sin; Axiomatic Bargaining
There are two players $ N = \{1,2\}$
The players either reach an *agreement* in the set $A$ or fail to reach an agreement in which *disagreement* event $D$ occurs.

Each player has preference ordering $\succeq_i$ over the set $A \cup \{D\}$
The objects $N,A,D$ and $\succeq_i$ define a bargaining situation.

**My question** is very basic. How does the set $A$ look like. What does this typical *disagreement event D* look like?

Suppose each player has to choose between three options $X,Y,Z$ and let player $1$'s preference be $X \succeq Y \succeq Z$ and that of player $2$ be $Y \succeq X \succeq Z$. So what will be set $A$? [Manage messages]

10/24/2014 05:39 AM by Sin; Axiomatic Bargaining
A question on Axiomatic Bargaining approach of Nash [View full text and thread]