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09/09/2013 08:59 PM by Q-man; Hawk / Dove game
If both players act like hawks they fight til the end where the victor will receive a payoff of 20 and the loser will loose 40 points. The chance of winning for each player is the same.
If both players choose to act Dovish and compromise each player receives 10 points. If one player acts Hawkish when the other chooses to act Dovish then the former receives 30 points while the later gets 0.
Express the above game in strategic form and find all Nash Equilibrium points, Discuss each of these equilibria with respect to their corresponding game values.

My solution gives only one Nash Equilibrium, although the wording of the question implies there is more than one solution.
My payoffs are (player 1, player 2) where H = act Hawkish and D = act Dovish.
(H,H) = (-10,-10)
(H,D) = (30,0)
(D,H) = (0,30)
(D,D) = (10,10)
With (D,D) being my only solution.
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