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04/07/2011 07:31 PM by name withheld; Selection of Internships (real life example)
6 individuals need to select internships for the upcoming year in 4 rounds. (4 selections for the entire year, each internship is 3 months). One person is adamant that the best way is to do a draft at the beginning to determine picking order,which will alternatively be reversed in the subsequent rounds (ie. if you pick '1'you will get first choice in the first round, in the next round you will pick '6th', round 3 you will go back to 1, round 4 pick 6th). The argument is that this is more 'fair' than the competing option of random lottery each round. (the argument is that everyone gets a average pick order of 3.5). Though the relative value of each round differs due to the availability of internships. Round 1 has 3 'good internships' and 3 'terrible' internships. Round 2 and 3 have 4 good internships and 2 terrible. Round 4 has 2 good internships and 4 terrible internships. Is the strategy suggested of the initial draft the 'fairest' way to select internships for the 6 individuals? [Manage messages]