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01/09/2008 02:29 PM by name withheld; not possible
I admit I don't know what theory you are referring to. I will say that if you are referring to a lottery game (Pick3), then it is not possible to forecast using any pure mathematical method.
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11/21/2007 02:51 AM by Fabio Butto; Practical example on real game as Pick3
Hi all,
I would like to ask if somebody already applied the theory on real gaming (like Pick3).
Reading you interesting paper "Conditional Universal Consistency" and other papers like Asymptotic Calibration of D. Foster and Vohra where they claim that for a binary sequence 1s, 0s is possible to forecast with 2/3 of probability the event at t+1 , I was trying to apply the theory to a real game Pick3.
I can convert any Pick3 drawn in a binary sequence with the simple rule:
0 ->(8,9,0,1,2)
1 -> (3,4,5,6,7)

Therefore a Pick3 drawn (e.g 386 -> 101) .
of course the drawback of this conversion is that every time I should play 125 combinations.
But, if it's possible to forecast , at least with prob. 1/3 the game is done ;-).

Any suggestion, hint
Thanks in advance
Fabio [Manage messages]