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05/31/2006 12:37 PM by name withheld; 3-player, 3-action static game (Rock, Paper, Scissors )
Consider the Rock, Paper, Scissors game. Now we have three players. The rules are the same as two-player game: Rock smashes Scissors (rock wins); Scissors cuts Paper (scissors win); Paper covers Rock (paper wins). It is still a zero-sum
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02/23/2006 06:54 AM by Anthony; 3-player, 3-action static game

I am trying to design a payoff scheme for 3-player, 3-action static game such that none of the probabilities of any mixed strategy equilibrium is zero. In other words, the support for all 3 players should include all 3 actions for any existing equilibria. I also have to generalize this to k-player, n-action game. It's easy to be done for 2-player, n-action game, but I got stuck at the 3x3 case.

Any ideas will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance. [Manage messages]