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12/26/2004 08:22 AM by name withheld; Strategy:: try Myerson's Game Theory (p.65-67)
section 2.7 on Common Knowledge. [Manage messages]

11/30/2004 03:24 PM by name withheld; answer to Strategy?
Ok, they are 7 men who are hung. If there were only 1, her wife of the adulterer would know it inmediately, since she would observe 0 adulteries knowing there has been one. If there were 2 adulteries, each of the wifes would observe 1 [View full text and thread]

11/30/2004 03:09 PM by name withheld; Answer to Strategy?
I guess all the men are hung. No one observes adultery, since no one is unfaithful after day 0. Since all wifes do not see after day 0 any adultery, but they know that there has been one. No men are hung on day 1 and the only men they [View full text and thread]

11/20/2004 09:28 PM by name withheld;
haha I'm pretty sure the answer is yes [View full text and thread]

11/12/2004 01:47 AM by SJ; Strategy
Hello, I have come across a question that has temporarily stumped me: There is a kingdom, with a number of couples living in the kingdom. On day 0, the king announces that some men in the kingdom have committed adultery, and that [View full text and thread]