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12/14/2004 07:28 AM by Nicole; making decisions in the state of uncertainty
Hello, dear friends!
I have problems with settling one prolem
Maybe anyone of you can help me?
i will appreciate any help. Thanks in advance
Here's the problem.

A new studio for repairing of TVsets is being built in one district. The studio can repair no more then 5 thousand TVsets per year. Statistics of other districts showed that the flow of requests for repairing of TVsets can be expressed by numbers 1, 2,4 and 5 thousand requests per year.
An experience of other studios show that the profit of repairing of one TV set is 9 dollars; losts from the refusal of repairing because of the lack of powers is 5 dollars; and losts from the absense of requests is 6 dollars.
A matrix of effectiveness of work of this studio in any circumstanses is needed to be composed .

So this is the problem . unfortunately i don't know how to settle it. All i know is that a clear profit will be on a diagonal of this matrix.

Thanks. [Manage messages]