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01/21/2006 12:23 PM by micha Hofri; Response to Andras Komaromi on saddle point likelihood
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11/17/2004 04:04 AM by Andras Komaromi; zero-sum random games
Hi Everybody!
I have an interesting question to answer: Given an m*n matrix(A) filled with random numbers drawn from any continuous probability distribution, what is the chance that the two-player zero-sum A matrix game has a PURE Nash equilibrium? That is, there is an element in A, which is the maximum of its column and minimum of its row?
I know that this problem has been solved for a very long time, since I found a reference to an article addressing this topic: "Goldberg, K., Goldman, A., and Newman, M. (1968). “The Probability of an Equilibrium Point,” J. Res. of the National Bureau of Standards U.S.A 72B, 93–101." The problem is that I couldn't find it anywhere here in Hungary. If somebody has it by any chance and would be so kind as to send me, or just give me some hint, I would be extremely grateful.
Thanx and bye, andras [Manage messages]