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10/23/2004 01:58 PM by name withheld; zero sum game
I have a zero sum game that has me confused. The author states that the column player wants the lowest possible score and the row player wants the highest possible score. Want they always tie and there can be no winner? [Manage messages]

08/12/2003 11:01 AM by JL; Zero-sum Game
Short Answer: A zero-sum game is a game in which the payoffs always sum to zero. (from p.237, Fun and Games by Ken Binmore) Cf. A constant-sum game is a game in which the players' payoffs always sum to a fixed constant C. Any [View full text and thread]

08/11/2003 11:00 AM by name withheld; zero sum game
What is a zero sum game? [View full text and thread]

06/28/2003 02:29 PM by nuno; Only in the final
I think that by defenition, in zero sum games, the final result must be zero, what one wins the other loses. Not at the begining or the middle of the game. [View full text and thread]

04/30/2003 02:06 PM by name withheld; Explanation
A zero sum game would not be solitaire An example of a zero sum game is basketball. Why? Simple enough: If (at the start of the game) one team makes a basket, then that team is WINNING BY TWO POINTS, right? So the other team is now [View full text and thread]

04/24/2003 12:51 PM by T. Klugh; Zero-Sum
Why are "Zero-Sum" games called zero-sum? I'm told that single player games are What makes solitare a Zero-Sum game? [View full text and thread]