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Respond to the question: game theory on new free energy market?

10/19/2004 03:25 PM by Kevin Cloud Brechner; Responce to Game Theory and the Free Energy Market
You might find something you could use in a chapter I co-wrote a few years ago. It is a little hard to find but it was:

Brechner, K.C. and Linder, D.E. A Social Trap Analysis of Energy Distribution Systems. in Baum & J. E. Singer (Eds.), Advances in environmental psychology (Vol.3): Energy: Psychological Perspectives (pp. 93-113). Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum, 1981.
There were several volumes of "Advances in Environmental Psychology", but this whole book dealt with energy issues. Hope that helps. If it does, let me know, I have a couple of other papers in the area.
Kevin Cloud Brechner
Time River Laboratory
Pasadena, CA [Manage messages]

02/26/2004 08:36 AM by antonella; game theory on new free energy market
HI! I'm a management engeenering student and for my degree thesis I'm working on the "game theory applied to the new free energy market. If you have same material, please send it to me to my e-mail [View full text and thread]