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02/07/2005 01:13 PM by name withheld; reply
go to, a very useful site for students
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01/30/2005 08:29 AM by Ksenya; help
Hello, help me to find please the information about practical application of the theory of games in economy in practice the matter is that I write degree work on this theme, and on Russian-speaking sites there is not enough information. [View full text and thread]

05/11/2004 10:18 AM by name withheld; help!
im doing an exam in advanced economic theory in 2 weeks and can't get my head around game theory. is there a better text than kreps' "a course in microeconomic theory" because that makes absolutely no sense to me! i'm not the most mathematically minded person in the world which is making life even harder.
if anyone can help it would me much appreciated.

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