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07/27/2001 03:28 PM by Steve; Fighting amongst religious communities
I think a group have been applying Confrontation Analysis (a derivative of game theory) to a number of ethnic (and other) conflicts (e.g. Bosnia). There's a paper, written with a general involved in the conflict, at
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06/19/2001 09:23 AM by name withheld; Religious communities
I would like to know if any research on Game theory has been applied to the following political scenario: several religious communities living in the same country.
Since I am a political science graduate, I would like to know if it is possible to apply Game Theory to the Middle East political situation. My first guess would be a case of Prisoners' Dilemma, whereby instead of cooperating, all religious communities end up fighting each others. But, I would like to know if any elaborate research was done on this subject.

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