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05/07/2001 04:51 AM by Brandon; 3 Cheers for this forum! :)
I think we ought to be objective and constructive in whatever comments we have for this forum. Though I'm not a student of UCLA, I've found this forum to be mighty mighty helpful and interesting :) Rodrigo and the other moderators
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05/07/2001 12:23 AM by Alex;
Hi, I am one of many students in the world who very appreciates with this forum. In my opinion, regardless the knowledge we have, we have to respect for the other's questions. Maybe we will think some question is foolish, because we [View full text and thread]

05/06/2001 11:50 PM by Me, the moderator; Questions and answers in this forum
When I answer most of the questions, I try to put myself on the shoes of the person who's asking. I try to imagine I'm a very young student learning game theory for the first time. I'd like to have had something to rely on in order to ask questions that don't sound reasonable to the expert, but that nevertheless might be reasonable to the game-theory-beginner. No question is ever unreasonable if it is a sincere doubt. We learn game theory many times. In a first undergraduate course. Then we learn it again in a first-year PhD course. We learn it again when we take advanced courses. Then we start thinking by ourselves, trying to write a paper. It is now that we realized we still have many, many, really many little doubts. But now we're too old to ask those questions. That's the role of this forum. A place to ask questions. No need to be afraid to ask questions that might sound stupid to others, but are very important to us. The first step we all have to take before anything is, to accept we have questions, no matter what. And if they are sincere questions, in the sense that wee need to ask them in order to understand fundamental things, then those questions are important, and this is place to bring them up.
Anyway, I think you raised a good point, something that makes clear what's the forum's role. On behalf of professor Levine and the Economic Theory center at UCLA, I thank you for saying this is a beautiful forum. Keep in touch, either raising questions or giving suggestions. Regards. [Manage messages]

05/06/2001 06:13 AM by Paul; to moderator
What happens with this forum? Many questions in this forum are not deserved to be answered. Bring it on the quality of this beautiful forum!!! [View full text and thread]