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04/25/2001 05:06 PM by Rodrigo; Automotive industry and game theory
Hi, Mark, I haven't found a specific application of game theory to the german automotive industry, but found one to the japanese industry:
"Determinants of Trust in Supplier Relations: Evidence from the Automotive Industry in Japan and the United States"
Sako,-Mari; Helper,-Susan
Journal-of-Economic-Behavior-and-Organization; 34(3), March 1998, pages 387-417..
I copied the abstract below:
"This study examines the determinants of interorganizational trust by using survey data from over 1,000 suppliers in the automotive industry. Drawing on transaction cost economics, game theory, and sociological exchange theory, the authors define trust and derive a model of its determinants. Regression analysis results indicate that determinants of trust are different from determinants of oportunism. U.S.-Japanese differences are found in three respects: (1) the way trust is conceptualized by suppliers is more complex in Japan than in the United States; (2)the level of trust is higher in Japan than in the United States; and (3) the factors facilitating trust and those attenuating opportunism differ in the United States and Japan."
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04/23/2001 03:29 PM by Mark; Automotive industry
Hello, I was wondering if there had been any recent research done into the game theory applications of the german luxury automotive industry. my interest generlly extends into the different forms of the game between Mercedes-Bens and [View full text and thread]