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04/22/2001 07:28 PM by Rodrigo; Game theory and real world
Game theory has had a profound impact on the design of auctions in the real world. See, for instance, a survey on auction theory with applications to the treasury market:

"Auction theory: a summary with applications to treasury markets"
By: Sanjiv Ranjan Das and rangarajan Sundaram
National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)
Working Paper 5873

You may find applications to business and bargaining real-world-situations in "Games, Strategies, and Managers: How managers can use game theory to make better business decisions" by John McMillan. This book is wonderful. When I read this book, I could understand better all the game theory I had studied and could see how it applies to real world situations.

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04/21/2001 02:08 AM by rudy; game theory application in the real economic world
Could you tell me what is (if any) contribution of game theory to the "real economic world"? thank you very much. [View full text and thread]