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Respond to the question: can a monopoly and monopsony market be a?

04/11/2001 04:51 PM by name withheld;
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04/20/2000 10:53 AM by swchou;
What is "monopsony"? I can not find it in my dictionary. However, it seems to me that you are thinking a market where both buyer and seller are monopoly. If it so, I think you can model it as a zero-sum game. I don't know any [View full text and thread]

04/18/2000 01:12 PM by Luis Scheker; can a monopoly and monopsony market be a zero-sum game?
I'm interested in modelling a market where there's monopololy vs monopsony. Where can I see how this problem has been addressed. I think I should use game theory, but is it a zero-sum game? [View full text and thread]