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03/23/2001 09:11 AM by Brandon;
Hi Yair! I'll give it a try but I can't be absolutely sure that I'm correct :) Here goes..... If this game is infinite (there's no deadline), and the size of the pie shrinks in each period, there will be no last-mover advantage. I
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03/20/2001 03:28 AM by yair; bargaining game of alternating offers.
The game is identical to the classic inifinte horizon game of alternating offers (Rubinstein 1982) , 2 players, fixed discount factor etc. The only difference is that player 2 makes offer at period that are product of 3, for examle:
period 1: player 1 offers
period 2: player 1 offers
period 3: player 2 offers
period 4: player 1 offers

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