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03/19/2001 05:04 PM by Rodrigo; Politics and Game Theory
Hi, Mikael, there is a book written by Martin SHUBIK called "A Game-Theoretical Approach to the Political Economy", (volume 2 of "Game Theory in the Social Sciences"). The math is very simple and Shubik is one of the best exponents of game theory. I took a course last year with Shapley and he used this book for some topics. One of my classmates was from the political science department and he had no problem with the level of math in this book. You'll find applications to voting systems, coalition formation, and many other important issues studied by political scientists. I guess this book is out-of-print, but I'm sure you can find it in any university library, since it's a "classical" book.
Rodrigo. [Manage messages]

03/19/2001 05:08 AM by Mikael; Politics and Game theory
Hi! Does anyone have any god suggestions on litterature about game theory and politcs. I am a student of politcal science so they shouldn't be to mathematical. I am especially looking for something to use with theories on agenda [View full text and thread]