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03/06/2001 06:53 AM by Brandon; 3rd degree price discrimination indeed
Yes, I think I spoofed. The initial view I had was that of 3rd degree price discrimination too but I had mixed feeling when I thought about the size of the fleet (the capital outlay) which the company would have to consider. Is it possible/likely that the company is faced with 2 possible choices? 1) have a small fleet of ferries so that it would be at full capacity for both the peak and off-peak period 2) have a peak period fleet so that only during the off-peak period would there is spare capacity.

I'm waiting for my question to be marked and returned. I'll have to seriously take a look at it when I get it back :) Thanks again. [Manage messages]

03/05/2001 11:02 AM by Rodrigo; 3rd degree discrimination
Hi, Brandon, I have a case for 3rd degree price discrimination. 3rd degree discrimination occurs when different submarkets are charged different linear price functions. This discrimination is founded on observable signals about consumer [View full text and thread]

03/04/2001 11:51 PM by Brandon; Is this peak-load pricing or 3rd degree price discrimination?
Hi! I'm not very sure if the following is a case of 3rd degree price discrimination or peak-load pricing. Need a little help. Thank you! My 1st guess is that peak-load pricing is being carried out here but I'm not too [View full text and thread]