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Respond to the question: Fundamental Errors In Reasoning?

05/05/2009 05:37 AM by Boris; RE: Fundamental errors in reasoning
Well, the arguments about re-selling goods got me confused, too. They wrote their essay in the spirit of an era, where it is impossible to resell used CDs, although they mention that it is possible ("..I can even sell it, but the limit is when I try to copy it.."), and, of course, it is allowed to re-sell CDs, just as you can re-sell you car in direct opposite with the producer. I think that, if a machine would exist, which would made it possible to copy a car, there would be the same problem as with Napster. I don't have money to buy a Ferrari, would you copy it for me? -Sure, no problemo. Of course, the copied car would be the same quality as the original; as there is with copies of mp3 files. Where would the world come to, then? Inflation of everything, a pound of bread would cost 100000000000 dollars. Of course, my example is absurd, but just the idea of copying authors work and selling it onwards seems wrong to me. You can do the same, if you sign a contract with the author to publish and sell his/her work and give him some procentage of earnings. However, the facts remain: copyrighted material is way too expensive, long live internet piracy!!! [Manage messages]

05/17/2002 10:03 AM by James Chia; Fundamental Errors In Reasoning.
I read through with great interest the article by the authors but i believe that there are some fundamental errors in logic. For one there is apparent confusion about "what the product is." For example, when i buy a car, one would [View full text and thread]