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11/05/2005 08:53 AM by Chris E;
The game seems to be some kind of "battle of sexes" game, since the payoff matrix looks like follwing

Pass Dont Pass
Pass 0 / 0 2 / 1
Dont Pass 1 / 2 0 / 0

If 1 passes and 2 not, 1 gets through this turn and 2 gets through for sure next turn and vice versa. If both choose same strategy they have no benefit since they have to continou to play. So its has an equilibrium in mixed strategies and 2 Nash-Equilibria [Manage messages]

09/09/2005 06:24 AM by name withheld; The door game?
Hi, does anybody know anything about the class of games that contains the following? Consider 2 players that want to pass through a door. They try to pass at discrete time t=0,1,.... Their available strategies at every unit of time are [View full text and thread]