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02/10/2006 02:02 PM by name withheld;
Please refer to the introduction by David K. Levine
[View full text and thread]

01/13/2006 08:25 AM by name withheld; game theory
what is game theory? [View full text and thread]

10/20/2005 01:45 PM by lama; game theory
I am applying to Cambrige for an undergraduate course in economics. I would like to read some books about game theory. Which one is suitable for my level? Thx for help [View full text and thread]

03/23/2003 06:07 AM by sourav; game theory
i would like to know abut the different application of game theory in industry,agriculture & economy? [Manage messages]

11/05/2002 04:18 PM by J. Lee; Bayesian Nash Eqilibrium
Following Harsanyi, games with incomplete information about the other player's type (cost, valuation, characteristic, etc.) can be modeled and analyzed with games with imperfect information about Nature's move (we pretend that Nature [View full text and thread]

10/16/2002 09:47 AM by name withheld; game theory
i just started learning what game theory is, how does mathmatics apply to game theory? give me and example? [View full text and thread]

09/17/2002 12:46 AM by aytekin; game theory
I am studying game theory as master degree. I examine linkage between asymetric information and game theory. I assume that we have two firms or countries or people. If one of siders have imperfect information at the other hand the [View full text and thread]

05/05/2002 06:46 PM by melissa; game theory
I am confused on exactly what game theory is and how it applies to the matrix theory. Please help [View full text and thread]

11/23/2001 06:17 AM by shelly; game theory
the question is,are joint ventures are unsuccessful? answer the question by playing a joint venture game. it should include a payoff matrix and nash equilibrium [View full text and thread]

11/20/2001 07:25 AM by bob; game theory
please could you send me information to help me write my report on 'game theory'-including what it is,how it relates to the theory of oligopoly and uses of game theory.cheers [View full text and thread]

10/30/2001 07:24 AM by name withheld; game theory
how does game theory help us analyse entry conditions? [View full text and thread]

09/09/2001 01:47 AM by name withheld; game theory
1. what is a game theory? 2.What is the benefit of using a game theory? 3. Example of a game theory model. 4.Experimental situation about a game theory [View full text and thread]