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03/01/2003 12:30 PM by name withheld;
DOES ANYONE HERE KNOW HOW TO SOLVE 3x3 MATRIX GAME Hmm listening in these particular lectures doesn't seem to help as the lecturer kept on getting the example he showed wrong even when trying to fix it to work! Doesnt really help.
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03/01/2003 10:22 AM by Superman; Answer
Well what you should do "DAVE" is listen in lectures! [View full text and thread]

02/25/2003 11:27 AM by Dave; 3X3 MATRIX GAME
Last msg didnt work too well how should I solve the following 3x3 matrix games
2 0 1
0 -1 3
1 2 3
1 1 2
0 2 0
2 0 0
Not linked together, is there any online text which could show me the method.
Thanks in advance [Manage messages]

02/25/2003 11:23 AM by name withheld; 3X3 MATRIX GAME
The answer to this is probably easy but seen as though I am staring a course of Game Theory in Maths and the lecturer seems poor to most of us students I could do with a little help in solving the following 3x3 matrix games: 2 0 1 [View full text and thread]