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11/09/2005 02:01 PM by Kevin Todd; PhD Program in Game Theory
I checked out the website: and didn't find any information on a PhD program in game theory. It appears that pursing a degree in Economics may be necessary with a dissertation on some aspect of game theory.
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11/16/2003 01:18 PM by Peter Thurley; PHD Program in Game Theory Decision Theory
Check out its a very very cgood and comprehensive listing of the best schools within the phiosophical realm not only in the US, but in the world. Search by subject, they have schools listed by the best for [View full text and thread]

10/16/2002 12:39 PM by name withheld; PhD Program in Game Theory/Decision Theory
I am interested in a PhD focussing on Game Theory / Decision Theory in the US. Can someone give me some help about choosing the right Universities ? [Manage messages]