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Respond to the question: continious stradegies drawn in extensive?

09/28/2002 03:34 AM by Burkhard C. Schipper;
I am not quite clear what you are saying. You may consult a new book on game theory by Ritzberger, who discusses rigorously different game forms and transformations between them.
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09/27/2002 06:16 PM by name withheld; I don't know if this is what you want...
but from what I know, continuous strategies are represented in normal form by an arc between what would have been the two decision nodes. from the center of the arc is player 2's decision node, and the payoffs are written in formulaic terms... [Manage messages]

09/08/2002 05:12 AM by Burkhard C. Schipper; continious stradegies drawn in extensive form?
This is a response to a thread by Kai, 08/29/2002 11:07 AM. I am not sure what you mean but bargaining games with continous strategy sets in extensive form can be drawn easly. You may want to look at Osborne/Rubinstein "Bargaining and [View full text and thread]

08/29/2002 11:07 AM by Kai; continious stradegies drawn in extensive form?
I heard about a possibility of drawing a game with continious strategy sets in extensive Form. Can anybody show me how or give me the name of a book where I can find it? [View full text and thread]