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11/05/2002 07:53 PM by J. Lee; RE: 3 x 3 matrix
Since we have 3 players in this game, we need to make three 3x3 matrices. The usual trick is to have "I" a row player(whose available actions-choice of color- are rows in each matrix), "II" a column player(whose available choices are [View full text and thread]

09/24/2002 01:58 AM by Drew; 3 x 3 matrix
I need help solving a 3x3 problem. Three girls have a choice between three different dresses for prom:Black, Lavender, Peach. The payoffs are as follows:
Girl "I" loves black, with a payoff of 3, and Lavender or Peach provide her with 1. II loves lavender:3, next peach:2, and black:1. III prefers peach:3, then black:2, and next lavender:1. Also note that each girl is aware of the other's favorite color AND if a girl wears the same color as another girl, then the payoff to each copycat is 0. My problem is to construct a game table, calculate proper payoffs for each cell, find any dominate strategies, and find all Nash Equlibria. PLEASE HELP!!!! [Manage messages]